Introducing Tacoshi’s Rabbit Hole: NFT Staking With a Twist

3 min readFeb 2, 2021

Tacoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic maverick who started it all, is back, and this time he’s brought some friends. Tacoshi’s Rabbit Hole is the apotheosis of TACO, the token that kickstarted the memecoin craze in the halcyon days of last summer. (We don’t talk about tendies — and neither does anyone else any more.)

Taco was flirting with NFTs before they were cool, and now that they’re de rigueur, the launch of Tacoshi’s Rabbit Hole is as serendipitous as it is timely.

In his quest to reach the Taco Bowl, Tacoshi has tripped and taken a tumble down the rabbit hole, and on his way through the vortex encountered some old friends. Unite Taco’s elder statesman with his colleagues before he hits the bottom with a bump and you’ll be richly rewarded.

Tacoshi’s Rabbit Hole

You need to jump into the Rabbit Hole to help Tacoshi, but don’t forget your SALSA, you will need it to spice things up.

Stake your SALSA tokens into Tacoshi’s Rabbit Hole to earn points. The more SALSA you stake and the longer you lock it for, the more points you’ll earn. Different NFTs have different points thresholds. In Tacoshi’s Rabbit Hole you will be able to farm the Rare, and Legendary cards.

Will you be able to claim the coveted Space Taco?

Tacoshi’s Farm

If you are not so sure about going down the Rabbit Hole, worry not, we got you covered, Tacoshi’s thought about you too

Stake your TACO tokens into Tacoshi’s Farm to earn points. The more TACOs you stake and the longer you lock them for, the more points you’ll earn. In Tacoshi’s Farm you will be able to farm the common, and regular cards.

Only the most hardcore taqueros will manage to collect ’em all and reunite Tacoshi with his amigos before his world comes crashing down.

Have you got what it takes to make a clean sweep of the NFT collection and become a Taco King for a day?

Your time starts now!

The Details

We’ve partnered with Unifty to create the Tacoshi’s Farms. In this Genesis Launch you can start farming the cards for Tacoshi and some of his friends, and more cards, from the common to the legendary, will be added later.

The Max Supply of each card varies based on its level of rarity
Common: 1000
Regular: 100
Rare: 10
Legendary: 1

Each card has a Maximum Supply, once that supply is reached no more will be minted of that card, and they will only be obtainable in secondary markets like OpenSea.

The Roadmap

We are not stopping here, TACO is just getting started and we are just going down this Rabbit Hole, here are our future plans:

  1. The cards minted in these pools will be used for a game which will be developed in collaboration with one of our oldest partners (notice the stats of each card?). The game dynamics are still being discussed, and you can be a part of those as well.
  2. Be prepared for some artist’s drops. We are reaching out to talented artists to bring you some amazing TACO art. Taco has been an inspirations for many artists for generations, and their art belongs with us. (If you are an artists, don’t hesitate to reach out.)

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Delicious deflationary tokens with a hard shell. Farm your Taco NFTs with TACO and SALSA